Study Better in a green environment

A Swedish study published in 1998 indicated that filling your surroundings with  plants will increase comfort, learning ability and performance capacity.

In surveys it has been found that plants make us calmer. The stress hormone decreases in a green environment . We feel better physically by the increased humidity that plants enjoy and the beneficial air quality that plants provide.  On this basis who would then be without their own ” green corner ” ?

Let a robust and durable wool creeper hanging down from the bookshelf to crest or from a wall pot . This is a good starting point for a “green corner ” . Then let some fredskallor with its beautiful white cold – flowers adorn the desktop’s corner with a little higher doftdracena and a silver call with beautifully mottled leaves. These three plants together with gullrankan can sand alone within a room. Such plants are important for getting the right jungle feel..

Some new found -old varieties
Law’s tongue and the law’s ribbon bow are among the reinvention . These can almost be said to belong succulents when it comes sun and drought tolerance . They can also handle darker areas, but then you have to be very careful with water. Wife’s mother tongues with their upright growing leaves are available with full green leaves but also in varieties with decorative yellow leaf edges.

The old Peperomiorna with its large range of colors and shapes are also on the way back , complemented by new varieties. Peperomia group includes many easy-care varieties.

Directly in front of the window, you have to adapt the plants according to how sunny window is . During winter months there is no problem, but many plants will be damaged in an overly sunny window during the bright times. Generally however, most plants will thrive in a bright window.  It is nice to have some higher plants that  frame the window.  Color, shape and height differences between the plants provide a more exciting plant window .

Beautiful leaf colors are great, but the true color clique and energy sensor comes with flowering plants. Complete the “green corner ” with an occasional splash of color in the form of Katy , begonia , chrysanthemum , or more permanent in the form of christ crown of thorns , saint Paulia eg

In darker areas an extra supply of light is needed to help the plants and to provide the “green corner”. It is best to get extra power to the plant arrangement.. Florescent and incandescent bulbs are preferred to avoid making the plants long and skinny .
Plants that are well into the room require much less water than standing in a bright window.


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Based on original article fromVargladge.

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